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Drugs, John Belushi, and the Making of The Blues Brothers | Vanity Fair

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From the Vanity Fair article on December 10, 2012:

“We took one look at each other. It was love at first sight.” He tells Zeman that Belushi was “one of those people like Teddy Roosevelt or Mick Jagger. He was just one of those great charismatics who turned heads and dominated a room.”

On Belushi’s decision to put off going to rehab for his worsening addiction:

“I’m fine,” Belushi told his wife Judy. “I can’t stop now until I finish the movie. It’ll be fine when it’s over.” For all the efforts of his friends and colleagues, Belushi was surrounded by enablers, according to Zeman, though Landis did his best to convert them: “For God’s sake,” he told Carrie Fisher when she arrived on set, “if you see John doing drugs, stop him.”

On how bad it really was:

Zeman recounts how, one night at three ᴀ.ᴍ. while filming on a deserted lot in Harvey, Illinois, Belushi disappeared, which was not uncommon. On a hunch, Aykroyd followed a grassy path until he spied a house with a light on. “Uh, we’re shooting a film over here,” Aykroyd says he told the homeowner. “We’re looking for one of our actors.” The man replied, “Oh, you mean Belushi? He came in here an hour ago and raided my fridge. He’s asleep on my couch.” Aykroyd didn’t call Belushi “America’s Guest” for no reason. He awoke Belushi, saying, “We have to go back to work.” The two walked back to the set as if nothing had happened.

Discussion of the fridge story:

For those wondering what Belushi ate when he raided the fridge:

Four fried chickens and a coke gif

John Belushi's tombstone on Martha's Vineyard:

John Belushi's tombstone

Why John Belushi died:

This Cleveland/Franklin arrangement of Old Landmark is probably one of the best Gospel songs in creation....

damn.... memories!

I know, right? Now I have this song on my mind ...

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