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Software entrepreneur Sandra Kurtzig raised two entrepreneur sons

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Sandra Kurtzig took her enterprise services company ASK public in 1981 while raising two boys as a divorced mom.  She is frank about how she did not find the daily grind of parenting all that exciting.  "The diapers, the PTA meetings, is that really what kids remember you for?"

Actually, that is what most kids seems to remember their parents for.

Still, raising two boys as a single mom while taking her company public -- that's amazing.

I re-read the article. Interesting that the father is only mentioned in passing...

The Kurtzig boys are definitely follow-in-the-footsteps sorts. They grew up with an archetype Silicon Valley entrepreneur, a math and aerospace whiz who in her 20s started a multimillion-dollar business in a spare bedroom with a stake of $2,000. When they were young, their mother and father divorced, but they had a happy home, and relations among mother, father and kids were good.