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Manu Ginobili air-balls a three in overtime gif

Manu Ginobili air balls a 3-pointer in overtime gif spurs warriors 2013 playoffs

I could watch this all night. Pops, notsomuch.


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The Spurs starting 5 have played at least 37 minutes each game.

I have no idea why Splitter wasn't in to help Duncan. He had plenty of gas left in the tank.

Ginobili, on the other hand, looked exhausted.

And Pop looks like he's dying inside.

Popovich Facepalm Pops frettin Popovich Greg San Antonio spurs playoffs 2013

Right after this happened, I looked up the Spanish word for "air ball" so I could properly mock Manu through the TV.  Turns out that it is "el air ball"!!!  Some things are universal.  :)

Use in a sentence:

"Donde está el air ball? Con las manos de Manu Ginobili!!!"

Reminds me of...

holy shitttttttt, completely lost track of Game 4!! after that depressing loss on Friday... damn we out here!Arena must have been a madhouse!!

I am disappointed with writers saying "knotting the series at 2-2." or "evening the series".

Too bad for Avery Johnson. Would've been an interesting storyline against a Mark Jackson-coached Warriors, with Hardaway in the stands... but obviously the Johnson Spurs were weak...

Respect to the point guard-coaches though!

They're running out of ways to say it's all tied up!

You missed a terrible game with a lot of sloppiness from both sides.

But there were occasional moments of brilliance. Bogut on D and Curry with back to back 3's.

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