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Photographing Tokyo's Coolest Escalators

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The Tokyo-based blogger Miha Tamura is on a mission to rescue the escalator from urban transport obscurity. At her site, Tokyo Escalator, Tamura tries to capture the extraordinary side of this everyday ride. Despite its name, the site also features cool escalators from other Japanese cities, as well as a few from other parts of the world.

Many of Tamura's images have been compiled into a book alongside a collection of short stories — each of which ends with a girl riding up an escalator. She says the source of her fascination comes from the fact that she saw very few escalators in her small hometown of Kanazawa before moving to Tokyo, where of course she sees them everywhere.

These. Are. AMAZING!!!

M.C. Escher?

That's exactly what I thought.  There's also something "pinball" going on.

Yes! It IS like a multilevel pinball game!! Wish I could find a good video...

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