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Emma Stone kissing gif

20 Emma Stone kissing gifs, to be precise...

Emma Stone kissing gif

tumblr_mb51bf5ryZ1rt2432.gif tumblr_mb51bkhJWd1rt2432.gif tumblr_mb51bpu0Hn1rt2432.gif tumblr_mb51bwZFv91rt2432.gif tumblr_mb51c629y51rt2432.gif tumblr_mb51cfHfDd1rt2432.gif tumblr_mb51cnPXWX1rt2432.gif tumblr_mb51cur8DP1rt2432.gif tumblr_mb51d3r07D1rt2432.gif tumblr_mb51dcRE9O1rt2432.gif tumblr_mb51dmdC901rt2432.gif tumblr_mb51e1xfaJ1rt2432.gif tumblr_mb51e6RR7Q1rt2432.gif tumblr_mb51ebjx3d1rt2432.gif tumblr_mb51efO7Wn1rt2432.gif tumblr_mb51ellwfO1rt2432.gif tumblr_mb51euy6KW1rt2432.gif tumblr_mb51f3LzG71rt2432.gif


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Emma Stone listens when someone says "Now Kiss" ...


This post is a lil creepy Adam... <_<

You wouldn't believe how many people are searching for Emma Stone kissing gifs.

I figured I'd help out by organizing a gallery of them from the Tumblr source.

Emma stone kissing

You're an angel Adam. Oh wait...

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