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...deeply into this band for many years.

..feel better now :-)

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LOVE Radiohead.   Thank you so much for stashing!

Thank you!...and they've still got great stuff coming out...

Thom Yorke is my favorite British musician. <3 Have you guys, followed his new project: Atoms For Peace? It's amazing, it's Thom + Nigel (Radiohead producer) + Flea (Red Hot bass!!) + 2 good percussionists that are not well known at the moment.

Their really good first album "Amok" just came out this year and they are starting concerts this summer ( ).

Sadly I won't be able to see them on this tour. : ( This one of the first Amok concert, there was only Thom and Nigel on this one:

Hop a brain new one with full band:

P.S.: Made a mistake, the upload is new, but the video is from 2010, when the band formed for the tour of Thom's personal project "The Eraser". Actually Atoms For Peace is the name of a song on The Eraser.

I have an "Amok" playlist on MOG.  :-)

I bought the £30 package as soon as it was available on their website. ^o^

Thanks so much for sharing.

Haven't been able to keep up with all their projects myself.. so this is AWESOME!!!!!


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