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Jeffrey Zaslow, Best-Selling Author, Dies at 53 -

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His approach to giving advice was finding answers through storytelling:

One of the few books that did not sell hugely, his first, was “Tell Me All About It,” based on his years as an advice columnist. In a newspaper column about the book, Mr. Zaslow summarized his approach to giving advice, and in the process gave a description of his journalism.

“So, I listen,” he wrote. “I try not to dwell on my inadequacies as an adviser. Instead, I tell myself that almost everyone has a story to tell, and sometimes, through the retelling, we can find answers.”

Adam Rifkin!  I was just reading about you!  Thank you for your thoughtful response to my first entry.  I'm going to look up that book.  The death of Jeffrey Zaslow is SO sad!

Hi.  I was fortunate to obtain a copy of his book, and have now started reading it.  I'm really enjoying it very much so far....I take it that you're read it?  I wonder what it meant to you, what you got out of it....

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