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Yahoo Deal Shows Power Shift -

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Seems like a big opportunity for pandawhale


How many companies were able to keep their cool after Yahoo acquisition?This opens a good niche for a lightweight blogging, discussions and community platform.Enter pandawhale.

but you lack the porn...and porn is a big part of tumblr

Beavis butt-head porn porn porn porn meme

Everyone associated with Tumblr seems to think porn is not a substantial part of Tumblr.

Here is what Marissa Mayer says about it:

Porn? The NSFW, notorious part of Tumblr was never referred to by name, but an analyst did ask about what Yahoo, while courting mainstream brands to market to that attractive Tumblr audience, would do about content that is not “brand safe”. “The richness and breadth of the content… is what makes it more exciting,” enthused Mayer. “In terms of addressing concerns around brand safety we need to have good tools for retargeting.” [Another acquisition, methinks? In any case, no outright announcement that Yahoo intends to get rid of all those sites that Tumblr has more or less accepted into the fold.]

Mayer continued: “Tumblr is now at the point that they do know what it is and what makes sense to monetize in way that is tasteful.” She also mentioned due diligence but also something else, effectively implying that Yahoo will figure out a way of getting around the NSFW content and serving ads where they want them to go, because that’s what the advertisers want: “There are a lot of marketers eager to participate in Tumblr platform and the demographics,” she said.

I agree with those comments.  Tumblr certainly held more porn as a percentage of all content a few years ago than today.  I would say that the NSFW content helped boost users for both young Yahoo as well as young Tumblr.  I am sure Yahoo still has porn on their site too if anyone uses Yahoo.  I was just referring to the lack of porn on PW. 

We're still figuring out what our porn policy is.

Instagram and Facebook have zero tolerance for porn, whereas Reddit and Tumblr have high tolerance for porn. Everyone draws the line somewhere.

I think the most important thing is to make sure people who don't want to see NSFW content are able to not see it. A follow model like Twitter and Tumblr allows people to opt-in.

Very cool, Adam.  I was telling my dad about PW this morning (and my class last week) in regards to Tumblr and the internet.  

the use of real names on PW mostly likely means porn is not for this site.  Reddit and Tumblr allow for lots of names and user accounts and mystery.  

Not everyone on PW uses a real name -- some Twitter users are pseudonymous.

Tumblr is my favourite site nowadays. I really hope Yahoo! won't damage it in any fashion. 

Tumblr is my favorite site these days too. I share your concern!

Looks like Yahoo is not planning on substantially changing Tumblr...

...except for adding more ads and better search.

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