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What your state bird should be

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This is what the Internet is all about: crazed birder critiquing the state birds, no holds barred.

Heh heh heh!

9. Florida. Official state bird: northern mockingbird

I am finishing this post the next day because I had to go buy a new computer after I threw my last one out the window when I read that Florida’s state bird was the northern mockingbird. I cannot think of a more pathetic choice for one of the most bird-rich states in the nation. What’s their state beverage, a half-glass of warm tap water?

What it should be: American flamingo

American Flamingo.

(FYI, it's a half-glass of warm *swamp* water.)

Ha! What does a northern mockingbird look like, anyway?

northern mockingbird

I wouldn't recognize it even if I saw it!

Wait, I don't see "the California snipe" anywhere on the list!

Snipes are real?!

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