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People Are Awesome: Teen Arrested For Science Experiment Now Heading to Space Camp | Science on GOOD

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I'd have given her an A, not a summons and two felonies...that's just me. 

That's me, too, Dawn! Wow:

What could have been a nightmare for 16-year-old Florida student Kiera Wilmot has turned into a dream come true. In April, Wilmot was expelled from her high school, arrested, and charged with two felonies for conducting a science experiment that created a small explosion on her campus. But thanks to the outcry over her treatment, all charges have been dropped. And it gets better: A NASA veteran is sending Kiera and her scientifically-inclined twin sister Kayla to space camp.

"I couldn't let this go without doing something," Homer Hickam, a former NASA engineer who served as SpaceLab's lead astronaut training manager and worked at the International Space Station, told ABC News. Hickam decided to purchase a scholarship to the U.S. Advanced Space Academy for Kiera, and, when he found out about her twin sister, he raised enough cash to send her, too.

effing Brilliant.  turns out a friend of mine is doing video for Space Camp in Alabama, and he got to do all the same NASA based sims and tests!!  lucky bastard.

I don't know if I could handle the sims....would be cool, though. 

Why are the sims hard?

The gaming sims or the ones where they put you in the simulated motion generators--the gaming sims, I'd just sting at... I've only ever owned pong. Truth. The motion ones... tough. 

Tough physically or mentally?


So... lots of practice and training needed.

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