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US entertainment industry to Congress: make it legal for us to deploy rootkits, spyware, ransomware and trojans to attack pirates!

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The hilariously named "Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property" has finally released its report, an 84-page tomethat's pretty bonkers. But amidst all that crazy, there's a bit that stands out as particularly insane: a proposal to legalize the use of malware in order to punish people believed to be copying illegally. The report proposes that software would be loaded on computers that would somehow figure out if you were a pirate, and if you were, it would lock your computer up and take all your files hostage until you call the police and confess your crime. This is the mechanism that crooks use when they deploy ransomware.

It's just more evidence that copyright enforcers' network strategies are indistinguishable from those used by dictators and criminals. In 2011, the MPAA told Congress that they wanted SOPA and knew it would work because it was the same tactic used by governments in "China, Iran, the UAE, Armenia, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Burma, Syria, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam." Now they've demanded that Congress legalize an extortion tool invented by organized criminals.

You mean make it legal to do what they already do.. lol

ta da!

Fifty years from now we will look back at this era as the one that either enabled us to set ourselves free, or enslaved us in ridiculous laws and policies forever more.

I'yeee, that be true! If you look at the pirate code, they were the true pioneers of democracy 

     I. Every man has a vote in affairs of moment; has equal title to the fresh provisions, or strong liquors, at any time seized, and may use them at pleasure, unless a scarcity (not an uncommon thing among them) makes it necessary, for the good of all, to vote a retrenchment.

II. Every man to be called fairly in turn, by list, on board of prizes because, (over and above their proper share) they were on these occasions allowed a shift of clothes: but if they defrauded the company to the value of a dollar in plate, jewels, or money, marooning was their punishment. If the robbery was only betwixt one another, they contented themselves with slitting the ears and nose of him that was guilty, and set him on shore, not in an uninhabited place, but somewhere, where he was sure to encounter hardships.

III. No person to game at cards or dice for money.

IV. The lights and candles to be put out at eight o'clock at night: if any of the crew, after that hour still remained inclined for drinking, they were to do it on the open deck.

V. To keep their piece, pistols, and cutlass clean and fit for service....etc, etc...

I left out the part about women being allowed among them because I know there were female pirates & that part was intended for other reasons anyway :D

Wow, where did the Pirates Code come from?

I first saw in St. Augustine but its on Wikipedia 

I did not realize St Augustine had pirates.

Oh do they have pirates, they have the whole museum. We went last year it was awesome, if you go stay at the Santa Monica & visit the museum. We went somewhere around Mar-Apr...during their Celtic Fest it was incredible. I think one day when I'm an old hag I would like to live there & be a street vendor, selling all my beach treasures made whilst performing my Nonna role...dressed as a pirate of course :)

Of course! Will look for the museum the next time I'm in St Augustine.

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