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Jon Stewart confronts Bill O'Reilly on profiling.

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According to the FBI of all terrorist attacks on US soil between 1980 and 2005 only 6% were by Islamic Extremists.

Some base data if anyone wants to factcheck:

According to that, the vast majority of terrorist attacks in the past two decades have been committed by environmentalists.

He's using a little rhetorical sleight of hand there.  Profiling criminals and criminal behavior works wonders.  Profiling legal gun owners not so much.  

I figured if profiling legal gun owners did actually work, we'd already be doing it.

Congress, this is why we can't have nice things.


This is why we can't have nice things. - PandaWhale

Stewart is an awesome guy, so is Colbert. But... let's be honest. It's easier to "laugh bout what should be done" than actually do it.

is that quote from someone?  Would you like Stewart and Colbert to fix the problem?

Colbert's sister tried and failed to unseat douschebag Mark Sanford in South Carolina:,0,3602979.story

Bad people sometimes win in politics. Colbert and Stewart can do more good by not playing that game.

About that.... I don't know why he thought she had a chance... I don't know why SHE thought she had a chance.  She's WAY more liberal than the district, didn't bother to campaign anywhere other than the MSM, got virtually no support from the local Democrat groups, couldn't fundraise _inside_ the state to save her life, and somehow thought the sexual-morality/righteous-indignation/too-good-to-debate card somehow is a real thing in a state which created Strom Thurmond's famous wang. Against a Republican who _doesn't_ break into his ex-wife's house to watch football, she wouldn't have even broken 40%.

It's a real wonder why she didn't run a competitive campaign. It's as if she wanted to lose.

She figured she wouldn't have to; that her brother's fame and the steaming pile of sycophants such notoriety brings would be sufficient; that the DCCC and MSM backing would make it a cake walk, and that odd dissonance between Southern public morality and Southern reality....

Smarter politicians know there are no cakewalks. Campaign hard and know your constituency.

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