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2014 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Photos and Info – Car and Driver

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New aston's are out.  Now just have to

Callum and Fisker. Part Art, part science.

What sets Aston apart?

Timeless beauty combined with cutting edge modern technology--not just once or twice, but 100 years of being the best at it. 

aston martin db5 1964 skyfall

Speaking of timeless, I love the vintage Aston from Skyfall, a cool half a mil. Another car I'll never afford.  

If it costs half a million then it maintains its value, right? A car like this could outlive us all.

Oh, I don't doubt that it will. Though it probably won't be a daily driver. Just the occasional spin around the block type of thing.

This sounds like a job for The Sharing Economy. GetAround?

Sign me up! :-)

As soon as I hear of one on GetAround I will let you know, Dennis!

Thanks Adam! 

Actually, they did have this as a prize in a contest last year:

So it's not as farfetched as you'd think!

Oh, so a freemium play? Getaround and Getaround-with-Style. I like it. 

I like it, too! I wonder what other amazing cars are available on GetAround...

Speaking of which, I've used zipcar before.  It's pretty convenient.

One of my investors in two of my companies owns a triple black Murcielago. He was thinking of trading up for a Bugatti Veyron, but he was going to go thirdies in with two other owners.  Every third week, he'd get it for a week and all other costs are split.  

That's my type of GetAround car!

Car ordered by Russian Billionaire but never taken possession of at Bugatti factory selling at a "discount". that they wanted. 

That sounds like an AWESOME experience. If only there were Aston zipcars!

Hey, my photo disappeared!

I never got to see the photo. Was it anything like this?


Nah, it was my friend test driving the car he was going to buy with his mates at the Bugatti factory in France.







Oh man that is awesome.

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