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Advice please: speaking on game design for non game designers

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I'm talking at Parc a week from today and I find myself annoyed by ... well, most everything. traditional slidey talks, and certainly gamification (ugh)

What I'd like to do is capture how my mind was blown by the smart folks I worked with when I moved from traditional web sites to Zynga-- folks like mark skaggs, tim train, brian reynolds got me into john romero, will wright, jesse schell, and his royal highness Miyamoto and I have never looked at or made a website, app or anything the same way.

So any ideas of great ways to capture that magic? Fun, irregular reward schedules, mastery, discovery, conflict, emotion, mystery...

throw cheetos at the crowd? hand out the main ideas as slide handouts, and spend the time playing dance central? hand puppets???


If you could make the presentation into a game that would be cool.

Design bingo? Design poker?

I also like the idea of your presentation leveling up every few minutes. :)

Does that mean I can kick people out of the auditorium every 15 minutes? LOL!

That would keep it exciting.

Play the game or face elimination! :)

Make it theatrical. Don't just stand there. Change clothes and prezo materials/formats as you change subjects. Give the audience some choices; add some easter eggs (and let them NOT find them). See if Sas can do real lighting design. ;)

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