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Former Microsoft Executive Wants to Launch The Starbucks of Marijuana

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<With the legalization of marijuana use in Washington state, it was only a matter of time before intrepid Washingtonians began to think of their weed in terms of their other favorite drug habit: coffee.

To that end, Former Microsoft executive Jamen Shively announced yesterday his intention to start the first national brand of marijuana, envisioning what the media is referring to as the "Starbucks of Pot.">

I see parallel growth in the scone market.

Why isn't Starbucks moving into this business???

Why isn't Amazon moving into this business???

Microsoft, Starbucks, and Amazon all have HQ in Seattle.

Interesting interconnectedness between those three companies.

They all serve addicts.

So it makes sense that marijuana would be legalized there first.

I'm sure there's a busy beehive of "analysts" looking at potential brand damage v brand enhancement. 

Until national distribution isn't a hurdle (read illegal!), Starbucks makes the most sense .... right?

yes it does!

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