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Society unprepared for 3D printing boom

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neat article.  question for you Salim....

"But Ismail said he was optimistic about the role of technology as what he called “the only driver of progress” around the world."

what about the principles or politics that are also drivers toward progress?  democracy? net neutrality?  

My actual quote was that technology "is a major driver of progress.. perhaps the biggest driver of progress we've ever seen".  Certainly there are others and you make an important point that it's important to constrain and guide technology for maximum impact.  Net neutrality is a great example.

Btw, I think democracy is in a mess right now, for a couple of reasons.  1) Ds usually make the right decision, but take a long time to get there; and the metabolism of the world is increasing so we need to be making faster decisions.  2) It's very difficult in a D to do long-term planning of any kind - everything gets driven by short-term, high metabolism election cycles.  

But Winston Churchill's quote reigns supreme.  "Democracy is the worst form of government.. except for everything else".

Cool.  Thank you for responding.  

Democracy may be a mess right now but at least no one in America is being arrested for tweeting like they are in Turkey!

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