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Michael Abbott on our friend and mentor Rajeev Motwani

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Mike Abbott shares:

four years ago today,  rajeev motwani passed away, but his spirit lives on.

a few weeks ago, i was emailing with a friend in the valley, about mentorship and our times through the valley. we may be young, in one sense, but we’ve been around the valley and technology now for some time. as we discussed mentorship, my friend asked a curious question: “who filled the hole once filled by rajeev?”

i didn’t have an answer. there isn’t an answer. there is only one rajeev. 


how did rajeev have all this time to help me and countless others? i’m trying to fill in a small part of the hole left by rajeev, just a little. it’s impossible to do so, to the level he did. i’m hoping more of my peers do as well. and i’m hoping that, somewhere, out there in the world, the next rajeev — if that’s even possible — graces us in the valley with his or her presence. these days, we need it more than ever.

My response: "Thank you for writing this, Mike. I miss Rajeev a lot. I try to do my best to help people whenever I can, just as he had done. I will never forget his rare combination of hard work, creative thoughtfulness, and genuine kindness."

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