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George Harrison and the Beatles

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Got "Beware of Darkness"?

Wow - You just got me super depressed.Is it really gonna be that bad?

i've made peace with darkness before...

is there room for any light?  

i hope so

I am so sorry!  That was not my intent at all!   I love the melody.  How about "Norwegian Wood"?

I'm typing from my phone; when I get to a computer later I'll try to find something lovely.

Good call:

And give it up for "My Sweet Lord":

I was around for this!  As a teen (I was 16 in '71) I remember seeping myself in the lyrics, watching the vinyl spin, wearing bleeding madras (look it up!):

"Beware of Darkness" is a ballad containing dense imagery.[2] The song marks a return to the spiritual concerns of Harrison's songs with the Beatles such as "Within You Without You."[3] [4] The lyrics of "Beware of Darkness" reflect the philosophy of the Radha Krishna Temple, with which Harrison was involved, in which spiritual concerns must always override material things.[3] In the verses, the listener is warned against various influences that may corrupt him or her.[3] Among the potential corrupting influences are con men ("soft shoe shufflers"), politicians ("greedy leaders") and pop idols of little substance ("falling swingers").[3] [2] In addition, the lyrics warn against negative thoughts ("thoughts that linger"), because these corrupting influences and negative thoughts can lead to maya, or illusion, which distracts people from the true purpose of life.[3] [2] [4] [5] The middle eight delivers the message that this "can hurt you", and that "that is not what you are here for."[2]

Author Simon Leng describes the melody of "Beware of Darkness" as "complex and highly original."[4] The melody of the verses incorporates a pedal point on the key of G major and moves to G sharp minor, a progression Leng claims "should not work in harmonic terms", using as an analogy a count of "one, two, six", but notes that somehow the melody manages to work.[4] [6] Music professor Wilfrid Mellers explains the effectiveness of this key shift as dramatising the "beware" in the lyrics.[6] Similarly, Mellers claims that harmonic movement from the key of C sharp minor to D major to C major "creates the 'aimless' wandering of 'each unconscious sufferer'" described in the lyrics.[6] The nearly chromatic melody of the verses contrasts with a more standard rock melody in the middle eight.[4] Musicians on the song include Harrison, Eric Clapton and Dave Mason on guitar, Carl Radle on bass guitar, Bobby Whitlock on piano, Gary Wright on organ and Ringo Starr on drums.[4] [3]

It was one of his first endeavors post-Beatles, right? They probably didn't let him go so complex.

It seemed to me at the time that he had led the Beatles east, far east, and when they returned home, he stayed behind -  metaphorically, metaphysically and musically.

Here's the story behind The Concert for Bangla Desh (during which Leon Russell sang a little (and the audience went wild!)).  Great read, I have to say, and provides the bedrock history of benefit concerts.

The Concert for Bangladesh – originally titled The Concert for Bangla Desh – is a live triple album by George Harrison and celebrity friends, released on Apple Records in December 1971 in America and January 1972 in Britain. The album followed the two concerts of the same name, held on 1 August 1971 at New York's Madison Square Garden, featuring Harrison, Bob Dylan, Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar Khan, Ringo Starr, Billy Preston, Leon Russell and Eric Clapton. The shows were a pioneering charity event, in aid of the homeless Bengali refugees of the Bangladesh Liberation War, and set the model for future multi-artist rock benefits such as Live Aid (1985) and The Concert for New York City (2001).

That is freaking awesome. I wish there were more multi-artist rock benefits.

It's hard to catch lightening in a bottle ... 

It is! Which is why I appreciate it when it happens.

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