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The Matrix is Reddit gifs by prannisment

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prannisment on the screens displaying Reddit: "Corner pin, brightness and contrast, color balance, vibrance, 4 color gradient, glow, and camera lens blur. Camera lens blur will always look better than Gaussian for out of focus objects. It uses a sort of Bokeh effect which works well."

A look at his setup after he deleted the source videos for the screens. They were uncompressed AVIs straight out of FRAPS:

imgur: the simple image sharer

Alternate gif versions:

prannisment writes: "By the way, the full quality isn't as high as I'd like it sadly, due to i.minus's recent size restrictions. If anyone has a recommendation of a free and accessible image hosting site with a size limit up around 30 MB, please let me know."

Quick visual explanation of how the zooming shot was done:

The Matrix is Reddit gif prannisment zooming shot

The matrix not like this gif keanu

Time to choose:

The Matrix is Reddit time to choose gif prannisment


Alternate gif versions:

Imgur, 2MB

Imgur, 5MB

A bonus GIF:

Reddit is The Matrix gif

He is The One:

The Matrix is Reddit gif He is The One prannisment


prannisment writes:

Alright, some clarifications. This GIF is the last in my series of Matrix gifs, the 6th in that series. I spent the last few days on this one as the big finale showpiece for the series. Hope you like it. It'll probably be a while before I start posting more new gifs, because I need time to work on some concepts. Thanks again everyone for such encouragement when I was making and posting these gifs, it was great.

Alternate GIF versions:

Imgur 2MB

Imgur 5MB

And this time, full audio/video version:

Direct links to those prannisment gifs:

Original Matrix GIF series re-upped as 10MB imgur links -- thanks to matt01ss for the reupload:


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