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Twitter Hashtags and Usernames now work in Facebook?!

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Without explanation or warning, Facebook suddenly and totally embraced hyperlinking Hashtags and @-encoded Twitter Userids to the appropriate places on Twitter.

It's working on both Facebook's Web clients and Mobile clients.

So many questions:

1. Why would Facebook suddenly enable lots of links that take people off Facebook and onto Twitter? How does this help Facebook?

2. Why won't Facebook do the same for Google+?

3. Will Facebook make it easier for tweets to refer to Facebook user names?

Yes, it's annoying. It takes three tries to keep from getting auto-completed.

Speaking of data liberation, G+ finally lets you export your circles so now I can reconcile my gmail and gapps accounts on g+! It still bugs me that I need to leave one of them as a zombie page because I can't properly merge them, but I guess it's a small price to pay.

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