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OldTweets shows us tweets follow Sturgeon's Law.

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Sarah Perez writes:

This week, Kellan Elliott-McCrea launched a new Twitter search engine called “oldtweets” to a bit of buzz. As the name implies, this tool finally lets you pull up tweets from Twitter’s early days, specifically its first year up-and-running. That means tweet IDs 1 to 20,000,000, to be exact, which occurred during parts of 2006 and 2007. And you guys, this is the most fun I’ve had on the Internet all week."

Having looked on several peoples' earliest tweets (mine included), I've concluded that Sturgeon's Law has been true for Twitter since its inception.

MG Siegler declares "[mother of god] I was boring." His words, not mine.

Search OldTweets:

Reminisce about the old Twitter screen shots and party like it's 2006.


Gotta love the old school sci-fi reference...yay More than Human

What I want to know is do they validate the generalized Eternal September hypothesis?

That is, just as just as crusty old usenet users felt that September 1993 never ended and the quality of usenet posts and users never recovered, is there any truth to the idea that every internet discussion locus was better in the good old days before it got popular.

Plenty of people claim twitter was way better before Ashton Kutcher and their mom had accounts.

Twitter was never great. The service had problems staying up in 2006 and 2007, and just about every tweet made me want those 5 seconds of my life back.

So it pretty much was exactly the same back then as it is today.

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