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E3 in a nutshell gif is JGL biking: Sony PS4 slays Xbox One while Nintendo Wii U keeps on riding.

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E3 in a nutshell gif jgl bike sony microsoft premium rush

Microsoft really blew it. The Internet has spoken!

E3 in a Nutshell gif 30 Rock Xbox One PS4 gif

Nintendo Microsoft Sony pokemon pikachu gif

Xbox One vs Ps4 gif Imgur


E3 in a nutshell gif Men in Black frogman Nintendo Sony Microsoft gif

E3 in a nutshell gif Sony Microsoft Nintendo

I watched that one longer than I should have. Here's the original:

wrestling butt in face gif

Xbox One. In capitalist America, TV watches you!

Xbox One In Capitalist America TV Watches You

It's bad for the players. They're the real losers. Microsoft may lose some customers over this:

I just want to play. Thanks Nintendo for always being awesome.

Memories Nintendo child playing Super Mario Bros in dark gif Imgur

Which makes me nostalgic for the 1990s.

The 90's in one picture Will Smith playing Nintendo

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