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Waiting for you to leave | Bohemia's gone

Bohemia's gone I’ve learned about amazing photographers through the posts of these two lovely ladies exactly because they source their posts. I’m not super-posting-tumblr guy and don’t even follow that many people, but I enjoy following a rabbit hole of posts from time to time and this is discouraging to me. It would appear that following the rules in this case only allowed her to be “caught” more easily.

Trying to read through the items tagged #bohemia is frustrating. Some intelligent thoughtful posts and then the usual ignorant shit as well.

All I know is I enjoy what her and her partner share and a lot of people are sad that they’re gone. Mostly what I’m feeling right now is the dread of not knowing what else is going to change. It feels like the first of a lot of big dominoes that are going to fall and a lot of cool and interesting stuff is going to go away in the name of the stupid asses of the world.

15June 1 #bohemia  #suicideblonde


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Adam, thoughts on tumblr deleting accounts of people who post sources of copyrighted material...??

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