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Deal with it, Chuck Norris!

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There's some great Deal With It animated gifs here -- Steve Jobs, Stevie Wonder, Ferris Beuller, and more.

Dealer's Choice!!

Delta Force: Chuck Norris Deal with it gif Imgur

When Chuck Norris cuts onions, onions cry.

When Chuck Norris slices onions, onions cry

Samuel L Jackson says: DEAL WITH IT

Samuel L Jackson DEAL WITH IT gif

Carl Sagan says: DEAL WITH IT

Carl Sagan DEAL WITH IT gif

I still need to put text on this, but online editors are crap and it's GIF animators is a kind of software people still try to make money selling copies of:


Betty White got tired of waiting. DEAL WITH IT.

Betty White DEAL WITH IT gif

Will Smith DEAL WITH IT.

Will Smith DEAL WITH IT gif

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