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41 ways to be more creative:

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  1. Travel.
  2. Or just expose yourself to other cultures.
  3. Or stay where you are and learn their language.
  4. Don't surround yourself with the color red, stick to blue.
  5. Get rejected.
  6. Buy a potted plant.
  7. Give the problem to someone else.
  8. Or pretend you're solving problems for someone else.
  9. Or pretend you're a child.
  10. Think about love, not sex.
  11. Take a break.
  12. And stop being so hard on yourself.
  13. Smile.
  14. Or frown while happy.
  15. But either way, be happy.
  16. Or a bit paranoid.
  17. Follow Jeremy Dean's 6 steps.
  18. Add a little background noise.
  19. Team up with both old friends and strangers.
  20. And people who don't know what they're doing.
  21. But you should work toward becoming an expert.
  22. Don't be too original.
  23. Stop brainstorming.
  24. Take a shower.
  25. Stop trying so hard.
  26. Watch Shrek.
  27. Do the unexpected.
  28. Dance.
  29. Look at the Apple logo.
  30. Get drunk.
  31. Stay up all night.
  32. Hang out with sarcastic people.
  33. Do everyday things in unconventional ways.
  34. Play video games.
  35. Have hope.
  36. Get some distance.
  37. Turn it into a competition.
  38. Don't get paid.
  39. Let that mind wander (but be careful.)
  40. Work from home.
  41. Still not Picasso? Here are 29 more ways.

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41 ways? 29 more ways??

How on earth do you determine list size? :)

You will be waiting a long time if you're expecting a post entitled "How to be better at math". ;)

Well, it's not really a math thing. It's more of a numerology thing.

29 and 41 are not numbers I think of people treating as special.

Then again, after reading your list of 41 things the only three I can remember are getting drunk, staying up all night, and playing videogames.

Clearly we all fall back on our default prejudices...

Here's a long version of the comic strip:

Just about sums up every college project - Imgur

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