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Bill Simmons on the gravity of Game 6 in the NBA Finals - Grantland

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bill simmons is awesome.

When you have a chance to be the best player ever, or one of them, we start grading you on a humongous curve. We just do. Disappear for the first two and a half quarters of Game 2 of the Finals, we're gonna notice. No-show Game 3 of the Finals, we're gonna notice. We're like overbearing Little League parents when it comes to LeBron, and only because we care about what we're watching right now. We want to say someday that we saw LEBRON JAMES play basketball in the same way we talk about MICHAEL JORDAN, in the most reverential terms. Whenever he screws that up, we resent him for it.

One of my readers (N. Massey in Ohio) compared LeBron to Peyton Manning, adding, "Each guy has one ring, multiple MVPs and a bunch of disappointing playoff exits." Another (Jay in Sunnyvale) thought Wade and LeBron were like two pickup basketball players who were "just way better than everyone else on the court, and they know it, so they just cruise on games when it's not important, but if you piss them off or if they need to win a game when the wait is getting long, they just take over and blow the other team off the court." These are the e-mails I get about LeBron. They come every day, in all shapes and forms, people just trying to figure out a wholly unique basketball player that we're never seeing again.

Two years ago, I wrote before Game 5 of the Finals, "Who are you, LeBron James? What's inside you? And why do I care so much?"

The truth is … we still don't know. Or we do. Or we don't and we do. I am ready for anything tonight, and maybe that's the best thing you could ever say about LeBron James. As always, the sky is the limit.

What's amazing is that they could "coast" some and still end up in the 7th game of the NBA finals.

The Heat can be beat. They're not invincible the way Jordan's Bulls were bulletproof.

Game 7!  AMAZING WIN IN OVERTIME!  Your Grantland article was freakishly insightful!

The Spurs have a few players who are going to be haunted by the shots they missed in game 6.

Kawhi Leonard dunks on Mike Miller gif Spurs Heat NBA Finals 2013

ESPECIALLY if they lose game 7.  

You can stash that comment in "Ya think?"

Yes, and it truly is anyone's series now. One game for all the marbles.

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