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A Dongle Joke That Spiraled Way Out Of Control | TechCrunch

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there have been some unexpected, interesting/insightful Web-politicized squabbles and snark reversals here...  

Hmm >> 

7) Someone claiming to know plans of the hacker group Anonymous posted a note this morning saying that it had acquired SendGrid’s client list and was going to attack the company’s infrastructure if the startup didn’t fire Richards.

Adria Richards engaged in malicious conduct to destroy the another individual’s professional career due to what she perceived as an affront to her own extremist views from a comment that was not directed at her, not meant for her to hear, and certainly not for her to provide unwarranted input on. As such, she should have her professional career destroyed just like her victim in order for justice to be rendered and balance restored to the universe. The hivemind’s judgement is final and there is no appeal. No forgiveness, no forgetting remember?

and then author's remark >>I was reading Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography this weekend (really) and he wrote: “We win justice quickest by rendering justice to the other party.”

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