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Africa, Christianity, and Islam

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I found this item while looking for something else.

The source of the image is actually here.

Geoff Maritz includes the image and writes:

Christianity actually came to Africa via Egypt before the destruction of Jerusalem in 70ad. Despite persecution and false teachings, the church was established in north Africa long before it reached Europe; in fact north Africans were the first to embrace Christianity.

With the arrival of Islam after 700 ad, Christians in north Africa were forced to flee to Europe or into the southern part of the continent. Today Islam is predominant in north Africa, while Christianity is more accepted in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a zone where the two meet which is dominated by war and destruction.

Yes Jesus is in Africa, no doubt about it. Hope and freedom are qualities inherent in Christianity that the African people do Appreciate.

The image itself made me pause and reflect about what's coming in the years ahead.

A Jesus in Africa? A JESUS IN AFRICA?

clash of civilizations?

Very much so.

1000 years later, the Crusades are still going on!

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