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How social media created (and destroyed) Tila Tequila | Digital Trends

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Poor Tila. 

"The heart of Tila’s appeal was that she was just a regular person using the Internet who happened to be extremely good-looking; a sex symbol who would message you back. And she successfully used the goodwill she built up to hopscotch into mainstream fame before falling back to the sort of modest following she had at the beginning of her MySpace days – this time, a following comprised of Illuminati-haters rather than dudes who love hot girls in bikinis. And her rise and fall would be fine, and sort of karmic, except she’s clearly mentally unstable, and while she was given plenty of attention, she never received any of the help she clearly needs. 

She’s the original example of how people will “connect” with you, “follow” you, and talk about you on social sites, but they won’t really know you – and they’re not there to help. Everyone wanted to be Tila’s friend on MySpace when she was there to provide titillation, but those same followers are nowhere to be found as she continues to exhibit profoundly paranoid characteristics. That’s why it’s useless to have millions of online “friends” when none of them are real."

So where is she now? Her fiance tragically died, right?

@Adam Yeah she did, which I don't think helped her keep it together. Right now she's still trying to stay relevant I think, or that's what I got from the article.

@Agnes I'd say the list is pretty short of celebrities that happen to be good role models. She's just a particularly good example of how she got fame via the internet and then lost it once her crowd moved to a new medium. 

In 2010, Nguyen launched a celebrity blog site,, which was transformed into her personal blog in 2012. She has not posted there since November 2012.


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