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Spark in Darkness: I Bite my Tongue

Stashed in: Silence

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THIS: "See, if we trusted you, if we thought you could learn, if we thought you were invested in challenging your privileged, if we thought you really, truly gave a damn about marginalised issues, if we thought we could engage you without causing ourselves further pain or hurt –  then we probably wouldn’t bite our tongues. If we thought the space was safe, if we thought you would listen. If we thought we could talk to you, then we wouldn’t be biting our tongue

Our silence speaks volumes about you."

That's poetic. What's the context?

@Adam I found it on a blog I sometimes read, I like how he does have a poetic touch with his writing.

@Agnes I wasn't directing this at anyone! My PandaWhale style is just stashing what I like as I come across it on the internets :P

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