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Blackstar (1981) Animated Series

Starsword, Powersword, Powerstar:

The Starsword is able to absorb, store and reflect any external form of energy attack and, as the other half of the Powerstar, is virtually indestructible. It can also produce blasts of pure energy which, adequately focused on the target, can result in its destruction. The weapon generates an invisible "aura" which imbues Blackstar with superhuman senses, strength, endurance, reflexes, speed, agility and to a certain extent also invulnerability to harm and extreme temperatures, as seen in several episodes. Presumably the Overlord's Powersword confers similar abilities, but he is also a powerful magician in his own right. For a brief time in the episode "Spacewrecked", the Starsword and the Powersword are re-united into the Powerstar.

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I don't remember this show at all but it sounds pretty awesome. 

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