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Japanese Human-Animal Hybrids Grow Organs

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Scientists who want grow human organs in the bodies of animals are on their way to getting the OK from the Japanese government, according to

The scientists, led by Hiromitsu Nakauchi of the University of Tokyo, have developed a process for forming a "chimeric embryo" by planting a human stem cell into an animal embryo (usually from a pig). This will make a human-animal hybrid that they would use to grow human organs.

They want to plant the embryo in a female pig's womb, inducing pregnancy and creating a pig with a human organs (say, a pancreas or liver). The organs would then mature inside the hybridicon1.png offspring as it grows until it is slaughtered and scientists harvest the organs and transplant them into a human body. 

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Sounds unnatural, but could save lives, so I guess it's a good thing.

Bringing us one step closer to a human/bacon interface.  (Don't you love the term "chimeric embryo"?)

I do love that phrase. And I had never heard it before!

Chimeric Adult


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