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Exotic Bullets Split in Half

Bullets Precisely Split in Half Imgur

2 penetrator ideas. One using a dense, non-deforming metal and the second using a flechette. The right was meant for a squeezebore, the barrel is tapered narrower at the end, and the compression causes the 3 bullets to separate.

Bullets Precisely Split in Half Imgur

Look like 9mm's. Ball, Solid brass hollowpoint, and an odd one that looks like a tracer - Maybe an incendiary round?

Bullets Precisely Split in Half Imgur

.45 and 9mm that are meant to expand interestingly. I don't think either of them worked very well because of thin jacketing.

Bullets Precisely Split in Half Imgur

A tracking round loaded with a small radiogenic pellet of some kind. I think it's .30-06. Old-school tracking used a radioactive isotope that you chased with a detector.... the next, i'm unsure of - I want to say that it was designed to fly sub-sonic with a very thin-jacketed bullet... but i've never seen propellant like that. And the third - Is it an armor piercing .30-06 that's had the penetrator removed and tip ground off?

Bullets Precisely Split in Half Imgur

Don't know, it's an old one, and the second is a home "training" tool. The "bullet" and case are both plastic, you place a primer in by hand as the only propellant, and you can practice with your revolver in your home. They used to sell them as a multi-pack so you could have some fun. I kinda wanted a set a while back.

Bullets Precisely Split in Half Imgur

Photos by Sabine Pearlman  descriptions by TwoHands

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That one on the bottom right looks like a bullet full of coffee beans, which I could use right about now.

It does look like coffee beans, but I assure you, it is gunpowder.

And you're right, these images are truly fascinating.


Ammo gallery:

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Which is where I found this gyrojet round:

Gyrojet Round Exotic Bullet split in half

I was so intrigued by the idea of "subsonic ammo" I had to check it out.

Read the paragraphs that start with "On April 11 1986, an FBI rolling stakeout squad got shot to pieces by a mortally wounded bank robber, all within the four minutes between receiving a "non-survivable, potentially fatal wound ...."!

Wow. That's devastating.

io9 picked up the exotic bullets story, btw:

All in one image:

15 exotic bullets cut in half meme cutaways Imgur

Labelled and in one image:

labeled bullets split in half meme Imgur

How the exotic bullets got split in half:

Julio Valente gif Knife Split bullets in half gif

He is Julio Valiente. A Philippine hero.

Not bad.


They confirmed this is possible on MythBusters, although the blade was 40 feet away:

For the lazy:

After setting up a target and sticking an axe in it, the Build Team received training from an expert in antique American firearms and began shooting from 40 yards (37 m). Each member took three shots, moving up to 20 yards (18 m) after Tory went first. Although several bullets nicked the blade or handle, none split on it until Tory tried again with a stand at the shorter distance. With one bullet hole appearing on either side of the blade, the team declared the myth confirmed and decided that a person could consistently make the 40-yard shot with enough practice. In addition the expert then proceeded to show the 40-yd.-shot standing, cleanly bursting two balloons located to the left and right of the axe blade.

Episode 118, "Davy Crockett's Magic Bullet"

Penn and Teller say you can split a bullet with a butter knife at 6:59 in this video...

You cannot begin to comprehend the intensity of my "Wow!"

Punisher War Journal #12 has a gun that shoots swords:

Gun that shoots swords Punisher War Journal #12