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Instagram Hit 5 Million Video Uploads in the first 24 Hours. Instagram has 130 million users, Vine has 13 million.

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Vine users upload 1 million videos a day:,0,2724646.story

Instagram had five times that on its very first day. 

Vine allows embeds. Instagram does not.

"Instagram, it turns out, shares in … not out. In other words, you can view the video within the Instagram app, or — if you have the URL — on the Instagram website. You can also view the video in Facebook, but nowhere else. Sure, you can enable sharing via Twitter, but that’s just a link to the Instagram website (thanks to Twitter and Instagram’s little spat last year."


Why Instagram videos are 15 seconds long: So brands can put ads in them.


The first Instagram video with a million likes: shirtless Justin Bieber.

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