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Horse High Jumps (over 7 and a half feet) gif

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Above is impressive but it is not the world record.

From the Reddit thread: "There's high jump and puissance. The high jump is a sloping fence whereas the puissance is a "solid" wall (the top sections of the wall are lightweight and can be knocked down). Huaso won high jump (8'1") back in 1949 and also holds the record for highest obstacle jumped by a horse, be it high jump or puissance, but no one has beaten Franke Sloothaak and Leonardo's outdoor puissance record (7'10") set in 1991 nor Anthony D'Ambrosio and Sweet & Low's indoor puissance record (7'7.5") set in 1983. The gif here is Nick Skelton and Lastic in 1978 setting the British Showjumping High Jump Record of 2.32m."

The Puissance world record is Chilean captain call Alberto Larraguibel with 2,47 m (8 ft 1¼ in). Video:

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