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Quickmeme banned from Reddit for alleged vote manipulation - Daily Dot

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Grant Robertson writes:

Gaming Reddit for traffic has become a regular frustration for the community, which boasts more than 22.9 million monthly visitors in the U.S. alone. This is particularly true within Reddit's default subreddits. All new Reddit users are automatically signed up as subscribers of the site's default subreddits, which include r/AdviceAnimals, r/Atheism, and r/Politics. And as such, content submitted within these subreddits are regularly featured on Reddit's front page each day and capable of being clicked on by more than 1 billion people.

This has resulted in the media organization like the Atlantic andBloomberg Businessweek paying off influential redditors to promote stories. These organizations have even had their own staffers embed themselves within Reddit to spam the site daily with links to their articles. Such activity has resulted in domains being temporarily banned on Reddit. It has also made redditors hypersensitive and paranoid about businesses taking advantage of their communities. This has particularly been the case on r/AdviceAnimals.

Now there is no default meme generator for Reddit.

Why do all meme generator websites suck so much?

Hacker News thread about this:

"Now r/adviceanimals users are clamouring for a quickmeme alternative, because the present meme sites (eg: suck. Opportunity for anyone that wants to clone in the next ~6 hours."

Hacker News users' response:

Ain't Nobody Got Time Fo Dat

For those wanting to make an image macro generator:

font = IMPACT

border = 5pt stroke

1:1 background image is optimal


Disregard skin color. Acquire street cred. mo money meme

...and a friend of mine says...

fuck it bill murray - fuck it we'll just build a meme generator

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