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B the Flying Car Kickstarter project... NEAT gif

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running and jumping out window crash gif

"You couldn't pull me over, and even if you did I'd activate my car's wings and I'd fly away."

Super Trooper Shenanigans upvote gif


NEAT gif

NEAT gif

NEAT gif

NEAT Bender Futurama

spider-man NEAT gif

futurama bender neat gif Imgur

futurama bender neat gif Imgur

bender neat gif Imgur Tumblr futurama

bender neat gif Imgur

my little pony neat meme Imgur Tumblr brony Pictures Or It Didn't Happen

car misses photographer neat gif imgur tumblr

Found in comments here:

leela bender neat gif imgur tumblr

Found in comments here:

flying car cool cool cool gif

dog in socks gif

dog in socks gif

Btw, the creator of that cool dog in socks gif is Redditor /u/The_Octopode.

dog in socks upvote gif

Is a lifesize flying car with a person inside possible using this technique? Redditor /u/Tasche says:

Multirotor aircraft rely on changing the speed of electric motors hundreds of times a second to remain level. A computer sends the signals to the motors after interpreting gyroscope and accelerometer data.

When you scale this design up you need massive batteries and also have a lot of added weight in the form of people. Also the momentum of the larger motors makes speed changes difficult. It would probably be possible, but you would need more smaller motors, so a quadcopter would be pretty hard.

You could have the motors run at a constant speed and change the collective pitch of each prop like a helicopter does. This would just be linkage and could probably move quick enough to control the craft. Even then with current battery technology you would have very short flight times.

While it is not a car, here is a human powered one:

I wonder if he could transport Tacos in his Tacocopter?

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