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White People Mad at Food Network • I wish that adults would stop using the “NO YOU...

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FWIW, is better than it should be, if only because it highlights the layers of illogic that exist in some people's heads. 

I agree, whitepeoplemadatfoodnetwork is a disappointing Tumblr.

Also, "the next people you'll be going after is anyone who said anything negative about homosexuality" is a very sad thing for her to have said. She should have left that sentence out but she couldn't help herself.

Bigots rarely can help themselves, and it dd make me sad that she grew up in California and was still spouting a defense of bigotry. Then again, there was prop 8 :(

Either way, it's good to recall the sage advice of Calming Manatee:

Oh the hue manatee!

Oh the Hue Manatee! - PandaWhale

I do prefer the racists who say it to my face, over the racists who say it behind my back.

I'd rather know.

I heart the Hue-Manatee so much! 

Me too. Made me completely forget we were talking about racist fools.

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