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ESPN They can't both win

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We say our prayers, are kind to stray poodles and do not download annoying ring tones.

And how are we rewarded? With this delicious chunk of hoops heaven plopping into our laps: the two greatest players on Earth, LeBron James versus Kevin Durant, in an NBA Finals.

God sure must love ball.

The King versus the King-In-Waiting, the three-time MVP versus the three-time scoring champ, The One They Hate versus The One They Love, for the Championship of the World, the Keys to the NBA's Next Dynasty, and the title of Greatest Basketball Player on Planet Earth.

Loser empties ashtrays in Kabul for a year.


Rick Reilly. This man has been writing good stuff for as long as I can remember.

I'm torn.

Kevin Durant is SO good but LeBron deserves a championship after years of paying his dues.

This will be exciting in any case!

I agree; I like Lebron. I don't think he should be punished -- forever -- in the minds of fans for one poorly announced decision (although ultimately, one could argue he actually made the right decision and failed to announce it in a manner respectful of Cleveland fans).

I think, however, OKC has shown they can win with momentum and when they're down 2-0 against an immovable object (Spurs).

My bet is on the unstoppable force -- Durant and OKC.

The Finals are so big almost everyone freaks out the first time.

LeBron had the calm of someone who had been there before.

Durant will have another shot but the Thunder are already a very different team.

Nothing stays the same in the NBA for long.

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