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Surfing with Whales gif

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How they didn't freak out is beyond me.

It cannot possibly get any better than that.

Can't. Stop. Watching.

The flipper wave is like "Later, suckahs!"

I know, right? I'm surprised Greg Bolcer hasn't chimed in about this.

The orca does seem quite friendly...

What kind of whale did you think it was?

malaislinn [reddit]

Shamu would eat you before this one did. Looks like a baleen whale (krill or plankton feeder).

Oh. Well that sounds a lot more delightful!

I do like the "COME AT ME BRO" pose...

COME AT ME BRO Anteater - PandaWhale

Incidentally, isn't that the UCI mascot in the meme above?

It's definitely AN anteater, but I'm not sure it's THE anteater.

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