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Slow Motion AK-47 Underwater gif

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Reverse is cool, too:

Reverse AK-47 underwater slow motion gif

Sauce is Smarter Every Day:

They tricked me into learning science!

The glass breaking and water falling out is at @3:35.

His Cat Physics video is also pretty awesome, especially at 3:33 ...

From the Reddit thread: How far will it go underwater?

3-4 feet, lethal for maybe 1-2.

There are firearms that are designed to work effectively underwater, like the APS rifle but they use dramatically different designs (typically, enclosed piston ammunition and firing a long, thing, spike type projectile)

Do not EVER attempt to fire a weapon underwater that was not designed to do so (and no weapon you're going to be able to buy over the counter is going to be designed as such.)

Video demonstration: