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The most famous brand from every U.S. state:

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The Most Famous Brand In Every State - Business Insider

Lovelace made the map to illustrate corporate feudalism.

As a Floridian .....

Is it time to call in Florida Man?

No, it was started by SIX Florida men in Clearwater, FL:

This is what happens when they team up!

I love this:  "Although fun, once opened, the pressure to succeed was intense (two of the Hooters Six were Italian)."   The Tony Soprano Effect:  four of the six feared for their lives?

Pretty much, yeah. Bada bing!

sopranos 8-bit

Game of Thrones style...

Tony Soprano Game of Thrones Iron Throne James Gandolfini

I bet Tony Soprano is smiling right now...

tony soprano smiling gif

By the way, I do think Washington should be AMAZON not Starbucks.

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