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stuff white people do: rush to the aid of crying white instigators of racism, instead of the victims

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"It's worth noting that the victim of racism here -- a double victim, actually -- is a black woman."


"Yes, this common white tendency -- and I'm sure there are white male versions as well -- is really a way of avoiding conflict, isn't it? And when it's a black woman, a seemingly (O noes!!) Angry Black Woman, then acting as ifyou're the injured party can seem especially, and ridiculously, prudent. The tears* can function like a false flag, which that loudly signals "Injury!", but also hides fear. I was about to surmise that running away in tears at such moments is also a way of maintaining dignity, but I think what's actually being maintained is a white sense of superiority."

Geez we still have a long way to go with race relations. 

As a whole, sadly, yes. On an individual level, I'm glad that most of the people I know are fairly enlightened regarding race relations.

Arms folded in one panel, hands on hips in the other, indignation at ignorance instead of kind, forgiving correction... All he forgot to do is draw the chip on her shoulder.  This has nothing to do with race relations, except the leftist caricature of it.

Unfortunately Jason, this actually does mirror actual situations I've experienced in the past. Given that I don't always read as a minority, I've had to deal with nasty scenarios among individuals who believe that because it's only "white" people in the room, they can let fly their racist comments with impunity. When I confront them about it, it generally plays out that I'm the jerk for pointing out their racism because I violated their feelings of trust as a phony white person - because obviously they would have kept their mouths shut if they had known I was a minority and "sensitive" to race issues.

Not that I feel like I walk around with a chip on my shoulder, I just do feel like I spend a lot of time being wary when I notice I happen to be the only person like me in the room. it ends up feeling a lot like this for the reasons explained there.

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