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Sean Parker Wedding Rant in TechCrunch

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Sean Parker wrote a looooong piece about the fallout of his wedding in TechCrunch.

Midway through he admits that he helped make successful a system (Facebook) that will at some point lead to everyone having their privacy violated:

Economically speaking I came out on top. I have been one of the greatest individual beneficiaries of this seismic shift in media. I have made, quite literally, “a billion dollars,” which, as I’m constantly reminded by the media, is “cool.” But I’m the first to admit that this shift away from a centralized, top-down media towards a decentralized bottom-up media did not come without a cost. At some point in time everyone, whether they engage actively with these new mediums or not, will experience a violation of their privacy, will find their reputation besmirched publicly, and may even find their sanity challenged by some combination of these factors. (The story of Jason Russell, co-founder of Invisible Children, comes to mind.)

A kind of mob mentality reigns supreme in the unrestricted, uncivilized world of social media: whether it is found on Facebook, on Twitter, in blogs, or even in the remnants of traditional journalism, where the old guard is now forced to compete with the instantaneous news cycle of the “real-time web” and the blogosphere. The economics of this new media have, in so many ways, rendered obsolete the economics of the old journalism and the value system that went along with it. The ethics of journalism, a commitment to objectivity, accuracy, and civility, formed a kind of loose social contract between the creators and consumers of news.

The comments on TechCrunch are polarized: some support him, some dislike him.

He does point out the irony of having made Facebook successful only contributing to the spread of talk about him, violating his privacy, cyber bullying him, and permanently publicly besmirching his reputation. He calls it karmic payback.

I'd have respect for the whole scene if he just had the balls to say that it was a friggin parking lot, and that they left it better than they found it and everybody can fuck off... 

I do wonder why he didn't take that approach.

Apparently he has paid off his college loans to consistently deliver these types of addresses. Or, perhaps he has just found a primo dealer. 

No, he paid off his college loans long ago.

I think he chose TechCrunch to rant because they let guest authors write as much as they want to write.

And now Sean Parker is threatening people with lawsuits.

He sure does have a way of making himself look worse.

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