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Two Ladies Balancing Pole Dance Circle Z-Seat like Pisces

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Defying gravity. Without the pole:

Pole dancer circle without pole photoshop


Some explanation of the original image:

This is known as a "box/circle" pose depending on how flexible both individuals are. The less flexible, the more "boxy/angular" the pose appears to be. The more arched/flexible each person's backs are, the more "circular" the pose will look.

The dancer on the top climbs up into what we refer to as the "layback" position where the pole is held gripped between the thighs to allow the hands to be free/allows manipulation of the torso to stay up or down depending on what transitions the dancer might want to do.

The dancer on the bottom gets into the position known as the superman, which holds the same principal as the layback where the pole needs to be securely held with the thighs.

Once both dancers are secure, the bottom dancer grabs the top dancer's foot creating a leverage where the bottom dancer is puling the top dancer in over to stay at a balancing equilibrium. The top dancer then grabs the bottom dancers feet in order to balance out the extra weight added to his/her foot.

It is a balancing act where their weights are evenly pulling/distributed that creates this Box/Circle balance pose.

In order to get out it, the top dancer releases first and then the bottom dancer follows through.

Also: For anyone snickering about why pole dancers don't wear a lot of clothing is because skin is the predominant form of grasping the pole (Material of pole ranges from brass to stainless steel to chrome depending on the manufacturer). In the beginning stages of learning to pole dance, a dancer would really only use their hands and the back of their knees. They rarely invert (Go upside down) and use other parts of their body to contact the pole. The more advanced they get, the more varied the body parts become used. (Top of Feet/Bottom of feet/Inside of thighs/Outside of Thighs/Armpits/Elbow Pits/Necks/Stomach skin/Trapezoid Neck Muscles/etc.) To cover the skin up would be a serious liability and prone to injuries as there is no friction to keep a person in place. Polers also use various forms of grip aids similar to rock climbing, cross fit, dance such as chalk, rosin, and a whole other assortments in order to help in keeping a good grip.

One person can practice doing the Iron X:

Hot Pole Dancer Iron X orangegenesis

And three people can participate, too:

3 hot pole dancers circle z-seat


"Advanced Z-Seat" move:

"Pole Dance Circle" move:

How they get up:

pole dancers how to pisces gif

How they get down:

hot pole dancers pisces balance gif

It would be more fun if they were spinning.

Pole dancers spinning gif


Agnes:  I meant they looked like the sign for Pisces.

Adam:  Absolutely yes on spinning!

On a pole, *horizontal* spinning would be possible.  I'm just guessing here.  :)

Pole version of Stairway to Heaven climbing into the cosmos:

Artist: Diplo - Set It Off feat. Lazerdisk

More Pole Dancing Adventures:

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