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Hot Dogs Nostalgia Chick gif

Hot Dogs Nostalgia Chick gif



And many others. This gif is used a LOT on teh Internets!

High Quality version of this gif:

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The clip is from Nostalgia Chick reviewing Tom Green's 'Freddy got Fingered':

The gif is at 2:51-ish.

This gif is used a LOT on the Internets as a symbol of "Ugh, too many boys!"

Clint Eastwood crying gif

The gif is meant to portray when guys are all... SUP?

SUP gif

Or when dudes are all "how to pick up girls" ...

How to Pick Up Girls - Imgur

Which comes across like Ashton Kutcher...

Ashton Kutcher boner gif

...who comes across as Jonah Hill...

Jonah Hill six to midnight gif

Ugh. Men.

Less subtle:

Game of Thrones sausage gif Ramsay Snow Reek

That's a Penis gif thatsapenis.gif

danny glover dicks dicks dicks dicks gif

imgur: the simple image sharer

Source of thatsapenis.gif :

I nearly Googled "that's a penis gif" to find these gifs. And then realized what a terrible, terrible mistake that would have been. Cringeworthy!

Brittany Big Brother cringe gif hot babe MRW I see guys trying to pick up girls on r/gonewild - Imgur

It gets worse.

truck full of bananas gif thatsapenis.gif

hot dogs hitting guy gif thatsapenis.gif

bill Cosby hotdog gif

MRW the Subway worker adds too much sauce - Imgur

It can ALWAYS get worse.

Michael Jordan hot dog gif

Cat with hot dogs infinite

Bill Cosby hot dog gif

Krysten Ritter ugh wtf gif hangs head incredulous reaction gif

How hot dogs are made:

hot babe swallows sausage gif Imgur

All I see is pork swords.

By the way, it always can be worse.

Lindsay Ellis tweeted about her hot dogs gif making the front page of Reddit:

So someone else went back to her awesome review of 'Freddy got Fingered'...

...and made a gif of her yogurt scene:

Nostalgia Chick yogurt gif Lindsay Ellis

The horror! The horror!


I just needed a place to put a pun:  Frankly (as in "franks").   

Would it help to bring the conversation back to Nostalgia Chick Lindsay Ellis?

She has a LOT of gifs on teh Internets...

nostalgia chick hammer time gif

nostalgia chick art air quotes fingers gif

nostalgia chick muppet gif

nostalgia chick glasses gif

nostalgia chick bow tie gif

nostalgia chick suckas gif

nostalgia chick twilight cthulhu gif

nostalgia chick oh snap oh no you didn't gif

nostalgia chick enough gif

females in images photographing something you want to show everyone

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