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Badass Buffalo Bison gif

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Buffalos and the guys who ride them are totally badass!

From IMDB reviews:

It was a cinematic masterpiece of epic buffalo proportions and the best film I have ever seen with a man riding on a buffalo. Although long, drawn out, poorly acted, with poor cinematography, poor sound quality, and a wandering nearly nonsensical plot, the buffalo and his rider will steal your heart. Many animals probably died in the making of this film, but it was filmed in 1977 and released in 1978 when people clearly didn't care about that. If a man riding on a buffalo doesn't spark your interest, maybe a man punching a cougar will. Rick Guinn (the guy on the buffalo) delights as actor, animal handler, and stunt man. Samson (the buffalo) entertains with his swift kicks and trampling abilities. Folks, this movie is not to be missed by anyone who loves a buffalo and a guy riding one.


One of the best reviews of a movie about a man riding a buffalo I've read recently.

You and me both! Huzzah!!

Your reward: a big-ass dog on Beavis and Butt-head:

Bison have developed a "better you than me" instinct over the years:

Bison Wolfpack gif -Buffalo Now we're even - Imgur

In the gif on top of this page... Is that shrinkage?!

George Costanza I was in the pool gif shrinkage Seinfeld

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