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Walmart Vs. Amazon: It's About To Get Interesting - Forbes

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Walmart already offers in-store pick up and just expanded its test of a locker system where shoppers can order online and pick-up in the store without waiting in line. It’s similar to Amazon’s recent deal with Staples and 7-Eleven to do the same.

The big box behemoth may not be a start-up, but it does try to think like one with its Walmart Labs division. That group is developing Pangaea, a global technology platform, scan and go apps that let shoppers buy in store via a smartphone, and online operations in growing markets outside the U.S. such as Brazil and China.

Wal-Mart is still testing same-day delivery in four cities. The program uses stores as fulfillment centers and if expanded, could turn 4,000 stores into bases for same day delivery.

I wonder if over time Walmart and Amazon resemble each other more and more.

Amazon has aspirations beyond commerce.  I wonder if Walmart will move in that direction.

Unlikely. Commerce is all Walmart knows.

No, it's not about money, it's about the fact that a company cannot stray from its core competence.

Companies can't do everything. There are tradeoffs. They can only do what they're best at.

Every company has limited resources. Even Walmart and Amazon.

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