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Internet 4chan gif Survivor meme Origin

Internet 4chan Survivor Reaction gif

Imgur comments:

Higher quality version of this gif:

Internet 4chan gif Imgur Survivor Gabon Golf Challenge

Highest quality version of this gif:

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The above reaction gif has been used so many times on Reddit, it's in the Hall of Fame:

For example, it's been used to describe reactions to Game of Thrones:

What is its origin? The television show Survivor.

It's Matty Whitmore from episode 9 of season 17 of Survivor: Gabon — Earth's Last Eden.

This is Matty's giant shit-eating grin when he realizes that the leader of the Kota alliance (Marcus) has now been voted out of the game.

Corinne Kaplan and Sugar Kiper express their disbelief.

More on Survivor Gabon:

You can watch the clip 20 seconds into this video:

futurama no wait yes gif Imgur

I am seeing this gif more in gif mashups lately. Example:

internet 4chan gif Hitomi Tanaka boobs Imgur Survivor

Internet 4chan gif is Google Reverse Image Search's best guess as to the name for the gif.

Which is funny because searching for that phrase finds this:

Internet 4chan gif


For those unfamiliar with 4chan, let's just say it's the kind of place to find everything from this...

4chan bouncing boobs gif this...

dolphin humping human gif

...which tends to be taken too far...

Dolphins rape people gif

Eddie Murphy captures the spirit of the shock and smile:

Eddie Murphy surprise smile gif Imgur

And he's responsible for one of the greatest songs of the 80s, "Party All the Time":

On a completely different note, I found this 4chan costume in an Imgur thread:

ambassador from 4chan costume cosplay thatsapenis.gif

Good times. Here's the thread it came from:

Cue the reaction gif.

Internet 4chan gif reaction survivor smiling guy

4chan Internet gif Imgur

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