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Google's Quantum Computer Proven To Be Real Thing (Almost) | Wired Enterprise |

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Maybe not playing WoW online (or BF4 for that matter) as for being able to concurrently and automatically rank your characters up faster than anything on the planet). 

I'm not familiar with the term "rank your characters up".

“We call it an energy landscape,” he says. “There is a solution hiding somewhere in that landscape, and you can imagine that solution is hiding at the lowest point on the surface. You’re trying to find that lowest point.” This is done by randomly traveling across the landscape, moving down “hills” and back up them, until you locate the deepest valley.

This strategy relies purely on classical physics, not quantum physics. But Lidar says the D-wave is “consistent” with quantum annealing. This is similar to simulated annealing — except you can, in essence, go through the hills rather than over them. “You can take advantage of a quantum phenomenon called tunneling,” Lidar says. “It’s like a quantum shortcut.” He’s careful to say that he and his team have not proven that the D-Wave uses quantum annealing, but the system certainly appears to use it.

I like that. A long time ago I built a hill-climbing strategy, simulated annealing machine learning system in Lisp.  It *felt* like climbing hills!  If it was true quantum annealing, the more you tried to determine if it was being used, the less likely it would like look it was, no?  :-)

Greg, that's right.

The concept of wormholes that cut through hills is a fascinating one. Portal 2?